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  1. Mercury Midge  

  2. Juju Baetis  

  3. Egg Pattern  

  4. Foam Back Emerger  

  5. RS-2  

  6. Griffith's Gnat  

  7. Parachute Adams  

  8. Top Secret Midge  

  9. San Juan Worm  

  10. Baetis Nymph  

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Recent Guide Reports

May 22 The Blue Quill Angler

Clarity: Excellent

14 Day Forecast:Look for sporadic hatches of midges.

Tips and Other Information:Flows are low right now on the Williams Fork, but adequate for decent fishing with the recent stream restoration project that created some deeper runs and pools for the trout to hold. Anglers should prepare themselves for sporadic hatches of midges and look for the occasional fish eating adults in the slower runs. Look for blue-winged olives in the afternoon between 1 and 3 p.m. Its hard to go wrong with a Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail, Sparkle Wing RS 2,or a Buckskin trailed off an egg pattern or San Juan Worm right now. A size 20 Sparkle Dun is the perfect imposter for fooling the fish eating the olives in the slower pools and tailouts.

Effective Patterns: #20-22 Mercury Flashback Pheasant Tail, #20-22 Jujubaetis, #22 Stalcups Baetis, #18-20 Buckskin, #20-22 Medallion Midge, #20-22 Mercury Midge, #20-22 Manhattan Midge, #20-22 Top Secret Midge, #22-24 Chocolate Foam Wing Emerger, #18 Hot Tail Flash Egg, #20-24 Griffith Gnat, #22-24 Matts Midge, #20 Sparkle Dun, #22-26 Parachute Adams.

This report was written by The Blue Quill Angler: http://www.bluequillangler.com

May 17 FlyCast River Forecast

Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced

Flows on the Williams Fork jumped last week and has lead to some productive days on the water. At this flow, trout are prone to spread out, but have been holding predominantly in the deeper pools and runs. The heavy nymph rig with smaller midge or baetis patterns continues to produce the best results. However, youre going to want to toss a stonefly like a Pats into the mix. In the early hours, hit the deeper runs and pools with small midge pupa/larva and as the day goes on hit the riffles and tailouts with an emerger pattern. Hatch activity has been great so come prepared to fish some dries. Look for trout to rise in areas with cover, particularly along the banks with brush and trees. Parachute Adams, Parachute BWOs and Elk Hair Caddis make for great point flies when fishing a double dry fly rig. Small streamers could prove effective this week with sustained low air pressure and cloud cover. However, dont get hung up on this style of fishing if you are not seeing results.

Ideal Days to Fish: Monday, Tuesday & Sunday

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Surface - Parachute Adams (#20-24), Griffiths Gnat (#22-24)

Subsurface - Frenchie (#16-20), Guide's Choice Hare's Ear (#16-20), Psycho Prince Nymph (#18-20), Pheasant Tails (#18-20), Copper John (#16-18), RS2's (#20-22), JuJu baetis (#20-22), WD 40 (#20-22), Black Beauties (#20-22), Top Secret Midges (#22-24), Mercury Midge (#22-24), Foam Wing Emerger (#20-22), Pat's Rubber Legs (#12-14), Electric Caddis (#16-18), Super Pupa (#16-18), San Juan Worm, Flossies

This report was written by FlyCast River Forecast: https://www.flycastusa.com/

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