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Sep 21 Duranglers

Midge and baetis, midge and baeits. Its the classic Fall formula here in Coloardo. but make sure to have some leeches and SJ worms tooand a favorte streamer.
Nymphing mostly, but watch for good hatches

Midges 18-24: Sidewinder Midge Pupa, Tavs Big Mac, Jujubee Midge. Midge Dries: Duranglers Adult Midge, CDC Biot Midge, Midge Dry.
San Juan Worms, Red, Wine, Orange. Red and Orange Annelids, and Chamois leeches. Thread Baetis, Jujubaetis, Split Back PMD.
BWO Dries: Olive Splitsville Emerger 18-20, BWO Para Extended Body Dun 18-20, Para Adams 18-22.
BWOs Nymphs: Pheasant Tail 20-22, Killer Mayfly 20-24, Brown Baetis Nymph 20-24. Napoleon Jig 18, Split Back BWO 18-22.

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