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Feb 11 Rocky Mountain Anglers
Rating: 3/5

All things considered, it's the toughest time of the year on the St. Vrain, but there are some good times to be had fishing through town in Lyons with a nymph rig or even a small streamer. The south branch up Highway 7 tends to be out of play until roughly late March - early April. For those wishing to hike a bit, the Buttonrock access of the North St. Vrain is also a solid winter tailwater option. A light nymph rig with minimal weight tends to be my first choice of rig on the Vrain in the colder months of Jan. - March. I like to start with tungsten flies (poison tung, two-bit hooker, tungsten leech, small lead-wrapped stonefly nymphs, etc.) and no split shot, and then add weight as needed or when I find myself fishing a deeper, tankier run. Dry fly opportunities are not non-existent on the St. Vrain right now, but it will generally take a couple-few days of some warmer weather and warmer overnight lows to make these fish really look up. Standard midge dries such as griffith's gnats, or baetis such as the extended body BWO, will get it done if you see fish sipping.

Chubby Chernobyl #12-14 (Orange and Gold
Little Yellow Sally style)
Stimulators #12-18 (Guide's Choice-Yellow
or try Kaufmann's Golden Stone Dub with a red egg sac on the bend if you tye-real fishy)
PMX #14-16
Elk Hair Caddis #16-20
A.K.'s St. Vrain Caddis
X-Wing Caddis
Sparkle Dun PMD
Para PMD Biot Body #14-18
Hoppers of all varieties in smaller sizes for now. Smokejumper #18-22
Griffith's Gnat #18-24
Renegade #18-22
Parachute Adams #16-22
Prince Nymphs #12-20
Pheasant Tails #12-20
CDC Pheasant Tail (Guide's Choice)
Rainbow Warrior #16-20
Blue Poison Tung #14-20
Girdle Bug #12
San Juan Worm #14-16
Two Bit Hooker #16-20
Hares Ear #12-18
Tungstones #16-18
Lightning Bugs #18-20
Copper Johns (Chartreuse crushing it!) #12-18
Zebra Midge #18-22
Black Beauty #20-22
Top Secret Midge #18-22
Caddis Sparkle Pupa
Hot Wire Caddis
Buckskin #16-18
Breadcrust #16-18. Mayer's Mini Leech

Sparkle Minnow
Belly Ache Minnow

This report was written by Rocky Mountain Anglers:

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