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  1. Copper John  

  2. Hare's Ear  

  3. Zebra Midge  

  4. San Juan Worm  

  5. Guide's Choice Hare's Ear  

  6. Stimulator  

  7. Chubby Chernoble  

  8. Prince Nymph  

  9. Elk Hair Caddis  

  10. Pheasant Tail  

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Recent Guide Reports

Jun 14 Duranglers

Flows are dropping and will be fishing pretty great in about a week. Dry Droppers are your friend at this time of year.

Nymphs: Copper Johns 12-18, Hares Ear, Zebra Midge 18-20, BHFB Pheasant Tails 14-18, Guides Choice Hairs Ear 12-16.
SJ Worms.
Dries: 10-14 Yellow Stimulator, 12-16 Elk Hair Caddis, 8-14 Chubbies.

This report was written by Duranglers:
(970) 385-4081

Jun 14 Telluride Angler

San Miguel (450-600cfs) Watch this river carefully. Although still too high to fish, the San Miguel will drop rapidly after this spell of sizzling weather melts the majority of the runoff snowpack. Water color has already changed from brown to green. Caddis, stoneflies and callibaetis are hatching in clouds. By the last week of June, hard-wading locals will be killing it on the home river.

This report was written by Telluride Angler:

Jun 04 Duranglers

Flows are up and will be high cold, large nymphs and streamers will be best. Water may be off color, but will start to come down soon.

Nymphs: Prince nymphs 10-18, Copper Johns 12-18, Hares Ear, Zebra Midge 18-20.
SJ Worms.
Dry droppers with foam and your favorite bead head coming soon!

This report was written by Duranglers:
(970) 385-4081

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