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  1. Parachute Adams  

  2. Chubby Chernoble  

  3. Flash Midge Pupa  

  4. Midge Pupa  

  5. Prince Nymph  

  6. Comparadun  

  7. Royal Wulff  

  8. San Juan Worm  

  9. Peacock Caddis  

  10. Pat's Rubberlegs  

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Recent Guide Reports

Jun 15 Duranglers

Low flows and lots of tubers will make fishing in town difficult at midday. Get out at dawn or dusk for some caddis or small stonefly dry action. Head up to the east or west forks throughout the day and fish attractor dries or dry/dropper combos!
Rain on the forecast may change all of this.

Dries: Chubbies, H&L Variant, Wulffs, Parachute Adams 14-16.
Nymphs: Prince nymphs 10-16, Pats Rubberlegs 6-12 or Jigged Pats 10, 20 Incher 8-10, Napoleon Jig and other Euro Nymph Jigs 10-16.

This report was written by Duranglers:
(970) 385-4081

Jun 15 Duranglers

Its about time, but the flows on the San Juan have been bumped up to 500 CFS. It may take a day or two for fish to get used to the newly expanded habitat but this will make for better fishing in the long run. Midges, Baetis, annelids, and the standard small fare are still your go-to, but should we get rain over the next few days, have ants

Midges 18-24: Black Flash Midge Pupa, Disco Midge, Olive Midge Pupa, Tavs Big Mac.
RS-2s 20-24, Pheasant Tails and Killer Mayflies 18-24.
Annelids in 18-22. San Juan Worms, Egg patterns.
Parachute Adams in 18-24, BWO CDC Comparadun 18-22, Extended Body BWO 18-22.
Glitter Ant 16, Duranglers Peacock Caddis 12-16, Black Chubby 14-16

This report was written by Duranglers:
(970) 385-4081

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