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Feb 12 Duranglers

These are the standard winter flows we are used to. The water is a little off color, but fishing has still been good. The classic Bunny Leech/Annelid combo is the go-to, but the Juan has seen some dry fly and streamer fishing as well! Right now, a trout spey rod is a fantastic tool to fish streamers on the San Juan.

Midges 20-26: Black Midge Pupa, Sidewinder Midge Pupa, Tavs Big Mac, Tavs Big Mac.
Bunny Leeches in white, gray or black. Simi seal leeches in olive or black
San Juan Worms: Red, Wine, Orange. Red and Orange Annelids, and Chamois leeches. Egg Patterns.
Kreelex Minnows, Buggers, Dirty Hippy, Sheila Sculpin are all good streamers to throw too.

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