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  1. Hopper  

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  3. PMD  

  4. Mayhem Midge  

  5. Copper John  

  6. Comparadun  

  7. Prince Nymph  

  8. Elk Hair Caddis  

  9. Pat's Rubberlegs  

  10. Peacock Caddis  

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Recent Guide Reports

Jun 25 Telluride Angler

Dolores (60-80cfs below Rico, 100-175cfs at Dolores): It's prime time on the Dolores. All freestone sections above the town of Dolores are low, clear and optimal for the dry fly. Downstream of the West Fork Confluence, throw PMDs early and late, hoppers through the mid day period. On the West Fork, Upper Main Fork and creeks, PMDs and Callibaetis dominate the hatches, with caddis filling out the menu. Size 14-#18 dry flies of all kinds are working, but especially parachute caddis and PMD patterns. The best free-rising action may be found mid-morning through early afternoon. If fish are unwilling to eat the dry, try smaller mayfly and caddis droppers, such as the Military Mayfly, Mayhem, PT Soft Hackle and small Hare's Ear patterns.

This report was written by Telluride Angler:

Jun 24 Duranglers

If you were to fish the upper Dolores and its tributaries, now would be the time! Dries and hopper dropper rigs are a must.

Nymphs: Prince nymphs 10-16, Copper Johns 12-18, Hares Ear, Pats Rubberlegs, Pheasant Tails.
Attractor dries such as chubbies, H&L, Amys Ant, Stimulators 12-14, Duranglers Peacock Caddis 14-16, Elk Hair Caddis 14-18, and ants and beatles!

This report was written by Duranglers:
(970) 385-4081

Jun 24 Duranglers

Fishing has picked up on the lower D! Mayflies as per usual in the size 14-20 range. Hoppers too. Watch out for rattle snakes. The Lower D can offer technical fishing, so be ready with long leaders, light tippet, and possibly small dry/dropper rigs.


Mayfly Nymphs 14-20: Tavs Fluff Baetis, Tungsten CDC FB Pheasant Tail, Two Bit Hooker, Brown Baetis Nymph. PMD Splitback Nymph.
Mayfly Dries: BWO Film Critic 18-22, Smoke Jumper Baetis 18-22, Baetis Comparadun 18-22.
Hoppers: Morrish Hopper, Lil Hopper Juan, Sweetgrass Hopper.

This report was written by Duranglers:
(970) 385-4081

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