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Jun 07 Rocky Mountain Anglers
Rating: 3/5

It's finally happened, folks. Some heavy water has hit Boulder Creek canyon below Barker Res. During these runoff conditions, you'll find the best fishing in the canyon up above Boulder Falls way up towards Nederland. Dry-dropper rigs with longer dropper tippet sections in the 16-26" range and nymph rigs are the way to go up here. The Chubby Chernobyl has been doing damage in pretty much all colors as always, as are stimulators, Amy's Ant, other assorted terrestrials like smaller hoppers and beetles, etc. Caddis are starting to be out, so caddis patterns like the graphic caddis, Z-wing, tungsten swing caddis, are a great bet right now on a dry-dropper rig. If you're having trouble picking up fish on standard nymphs, throw on a worm or just something flashier to draw attention. If you're looking for a change-up from fishing dry-droppers and nymphing in the canyon, head down to the stuff out east with a streamer. As long as the waters aren't complete chocolate milk after a rain event, you can get some nicer fish to chase a streamer. Smaller patterns tend to work best for me in town, such as sculpzillas, mini gongas, thin mints, autumn splendor, etc.

Hippie Stompers #12-#18 (Especially yellow)
409's #12-16
Stimmy's #10-18
Chubby's #12-16
Hi Vis Foam Beetle #12-14
Fat Head Beetle #12-14
Flying Ant
Ant Acid and CDC Hi Vis Ants #16-18
Foam PMX Black #10-12
Rusty Spinners #14-18
Griffith's Gnat's #16-18
Renegade #16-18
Humpy's #12-16
Royal Wulff's #16-18
H&L Variant #14-18 Golden Tungstones #14-18
Sparkle Pupa #16-18
Electric Caddis #16-18
Metallic Caddis Larva #16-18
Hotwire Caddis #16-18
CDC Pheasant Tail #16-20
Rainbow Warrior #16-20
Blue Poison Tung #18-22
Juju PMD #16-18
Mercury Midge #18-20
Brassie #18-20
Barr Emergers PMD #18-20
Prince Nymph #16-18
Hares Ear #118-22
Frenchie #16-18
Copper John's #16-20
Zebra Midge #18-20
Psycho Prince #18
Pine Squirrel Leech #12 Wooly Buggers
Bread n Butter
Sparkle Minnow
Automn Splendor

This report was written by Rocky Mountain Anglers:

Jun 07 Rocky Mountain Anglers
Rating: 3/5

Flows below Gross have been up and down, but overall fishing has been good with streamers, nymph rigs, and dry droppers. To me, anything between 100-200 CFS in Walker Ranch is a great small streamer or nymphing flow, as the 50-100 CFS range is sometimes a little better for pocket water dry-dropper fishing. Right now, with things sitting at 285 CFS, you're best off nymphing or fishing a streamer on a sink tip, as these fish in here just generally won't move quite that far to the surface to take a dry when flows are above 250 ish. On low light days, try fishing a smaller streamer like a sculpzilla, beldar rubber legs, thin mint, mini dungeon, etc., on 0-2x tippet off a short leader. If you're fishing way up towards the dam, consider even stripping a bigger articulated bug around, too, if trying to head hunt for one of the bigger residents of this tailwater. The mysis is always worth nymphing in Walker Ranch up towards the dam, too, when flows are up above 200-250 CFS. The stuff up above the res is definitely ripping and cold right now, so fishing can be challenging. Fish the edges and slowest water with worms, leeches, etc. -- anything that will attract attention and be an "offer they can't refuse" that they will move a bit to eat even with the water high.

Amy's Any #14-16
Chubby Chernobyl #14
409 #14-16
PMX #14-18
Elk Hair Caddis #18
Parachute Adams #10-22
GT Adams #18-20
Lucent Wing Drake #10-12
Foam Drake #10-12
Film Critic Drake #10-12
Crippled Drake #10-12 Girdle Bug #12
Little Black Sloan #14-16
Blue Poison Tung #18-20
Rainbow Warrior #18-20
Tungsten Bead Head Pheasant Tail #16-20
Pheasant Tail #16-20
San Juan Worm #14-20
Lightning Bug #18-20
Psycho Prince #18
Top Secret Midge #18-20
Zebra Midge #18-20
Barr's Emerger #18-20
STD #18
Glo Bug #16
Yarn Egg #16 Black Wooly Buggar #6-10
Bread N Butter Buggar #6-10
Orange Blossom Special #4-8
Olive Blossom Special #4-8
Superflash Zonker #6-10.

This report was written by Rocky Mountain Anglers:

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