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  3. Zebra Midge  

  4. Parachute Adams  

  5. Top Secret Midge  

  6. Zonker  

  7. Psycho Prince  

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Feb 11 Rocky Mountain Anglers
Rating: 5/5

As of Feb. 6, flows have bumped back up to the 80+ range below Gross, which means happy fish and happy anglers. Walker Ranch fishes great at this flow on pretty much the whole available range of tactics, from single dries to double dries, dry droppers, lighter nymph rigs, and even small - mid-sized streamers. BWO are among the most common bugs you'll see hatching in here through the fall and even off and on in the winter on exceptionally warmer days. JuJu Baetis are a classic pattern down here, as are extended body BWOs, parachute adams, sparkle duns, sprout midges, and small elk hair caddis, as far as dries go. That being said, sometimes hiking way in here in the fall/winter is a lot of fun because you can get onto some pretty well-rested fish who might come up to something ridiculous and out-of-season like a Chubby Chernobyl. Below the surface, along with baetis patterns like the JuJu or a classic pheasant tail, midges such as the Zebra Midge, Mercury Black Beauty, Disco Midge, Don King, etc. are always good. Small, dark streamers such as leeches or thin mints can also always get some attention in here, especially on low-light days.

Amy's Any #14-16
Chubby Chernobyl #14
409 #14-16
PMX #14-18
Elk Hair Caddis #18
Parachute Adams #10-22
GT Adams #18-20
Lucent Wing Drake #10-12
Foam Drake #10-12
Film Critic Drake #10-12
Crippled Drake #10-12 Girdle Bug #12
Little Black Sloan #14-16
Blue Poison Tung #18-20
Rainbow Warrior #18-20
Tungsten Bead Head Pheasant Tail #16-20
Pheasant Tail #16-20
San Juan Worm #14-20
Lightning Bug #18-20
Psycho Prince #18
Top Secret Midge #18-20
Zebra Midge #18-20
Barr's Emerger #18-20
STD #18
Glo Bug #16
Yarn Egg #16 Black Wooly Buggar #6-10
Bread N Butter Buggar #6-10
Orange Blossom Special #4-8
Olive Blossom Special #4-8
Superflash Zonker #6-10.

This report was written by Rocky Mountain Anglers:

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