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Feb 11 Rocky Mountain Anglers
Rating: 4/5

The Blue River at the Troutlet Malls is always a solid option for some easy-access winter fishing, especially now that we've gotten into good snow season and more of the two- to three-season anglers are busy shredding pow. Smaller worms can be a good winter point fly, but small baetis and midge imitations are always going to be the go-to on the Blue in the winter (along with mysis shrimp, of course). Small PTs with a glass bead or no bead, RS2s, bling midge, Top Secret midges, Discos, Poison Tungs, Don King UV midge, red larvae, the list goes on... All in a #20-24. As always at this tailwater, 5 and 6x fluorocarbon tippets are a good idea, as are small, dull split shot and lighter non-intrusive indicators. Nymphing by spotting fish and sight nymphing to them with no indicator is also often a great idea if you can manage it, especially on bright, sunny days. Downstream below Green Mountain is definitely wade fishable right now. However, with easy wading in the sub-300 CFS range also comes tougher, more technical fishing. I tend to fish bugs like bigger worms and caddis larvae in here when flows are above roughly 300 CFS and more realistic baetis patterns when it drops to current flows of ~150 CFS.

Griffith's Gnat #18-22 Sparkle Duns #18-22
Adams #18-20 Trailing Shuck Midge #18-22
Parachute Adams #16-26
Smokejumper Midges #18-22
Griffiths Gnat #18-22

Adams #18-20
Para Extended Body BWO #18-20
CDC BWO #18-20
Winger Emerger BWO #18-22
Chubby Chornobyl #16-#10
Stimulator #8-14
Elkhair Caddis #14-18
Better Foam Caddis #14-18. Nymphs in Town: Mercury Black Beauty #18-22
Red Annelids #14-18
Disco Midge #18-22
Sands Epoxy Mysis #16-20
Cravens Mysis #16-20
Zebra Midge #18
Johnny Flash #18-22
JuJuBees #18-24
WD-40's #18-24
RS-2's #18-24
UV Emergers #18-24
Cardinal Midge #18-22
and Disco Midge (Red and Blue) #18-24
Glow bugs #14-18
Black Beauty Emerger #16-22
Brassie #16-22
Biot Midges #18-22. Nymphs on the Lower Blue: Ray Charles #18-20
Hares Ears #18-20
20 Inchers #16-18
Tungsten Flash Prince #16-18
Tungteaser #16-18
Scuds (all colors) #16
San Juans (all colors) #12-16
Eggs(all sizes,shapes and forms)
STD's #18-22
Barr Emergers #18-24
Pheasant Tails #16-22
Top Secret Midge #18-24
Johnny Flash #16-22
Girdle Bugs #10
Blue Poison Tungs #16-22
and Rainbow Warriors #16-20. White
Tan or Pumpkin Sculpzilla
Sparkle Minnow
Wooly Bugger
Black or Olive Sex Dungeon

This report was written by Rocky Mountain Anglers:

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