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  1. Pat's Rubberlegs  

  2. Prince Nymph  

  3. RS-2  

  4. San Juan Worm  

  5. Juju Baetis  

  6. Poison Tung  

  7. Parachute BWO  

  8. BWO  

  9. Sow Bug  

  10. 20 Incher  

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Jun 25 St. Peter's Fly Shop

Winter is out of here! We have finally hit our summer season. With that being said spring rain has arrived a bit late this year but it has shown no sign of stopping! With runoff being here we have seen a huge influx in our flows. Be ready to fish bigger bugs like Pat's Rubber Legs and Prince Nymphs as well as flashier bugs such as Green Tickets to imitate the caddis pupae we've been seeing. Turn to San Juans and Sparkle worms when there has been a decent rain shower to supplement when the water is a little off color. When the bugs aren't coming off, nymphing has been and always will be an effective way to catch fish. Weighted stoneflies with legs and bigger nymphs in general have been extremely effective. Remember: it's key to have nymphs, emergers, and adults when fishing a mayfly hatch. Imitating the correct stage of an insect's life cycle can be the difference between frustration and elation!

Don't be afraid to try some larger, flashier streamers as we get further into runoff. Thin Mints, Hot head leeches, and Pine Squirrel Leeches are all wise options as water levels rise and clarity fades. We have seen a large influx in the flows both above and below Estes Park so come prepared with larger bugs that will often be the key in a high, murky water situation. A size 12 Stone Fly followed by a size 8 Thin Mint under an indicator can work wonders!

Give the shop a ring if you have any questions!

Recommended Flies

Dries :: Adams #18-22, Extended Body BWO's #18-20, CDC Baetis Dun #18-22, Mole Fly #18-20, Eric's HiVis Midge #20-22, Griffith's Gnat #18-22

Nymphs:: Black/Green Poison Tung #18-20, Rainbow Warrior's #18-20, Olive and Red Two Bit Hooker 's#16-18, Foam Wing RS2 #18-22, Sparkle Wing RS2 #18-22, Mayhem #18-20, WD-40's #18-22, JuJu Midge's #20-22, Guides Choice Hare's Ear #14-18, BH Prince Nymphs #18-10

Streamers:: Thin Mint #8-12, North Platte Spiders, Mini Dungeons, Sparkle Minnow #8, Hot Head Leech #10, Balance Leech #10

To Book your Guided Trip please contact the shop at (970)498-8968. Come Fly Fish Rocky Mountain National Park!

This report was written by St. Peter's Fly Shop:

Jun 09 Kirks Flyshop
Rating: 4/5

Below Drake:Very good fishing all the way to Loveland. Flow is 630 CFS, Use Pats Rubber legs and soft Hackle Pheasant tail or red two bit hooker.

This report was written by Kirks Flyshop:
(970) 577-0790

Jun 09 Kirks Flyshop
Rating: 4/5

The Big T is fishing great in select areas as the high runoff has pushed the fish to the edges. We are nearing the peak of runoff that should last about a week at the peak. The flow into Lake Estes 890 CFS and out of Lake Estes the flow is 450 CFS but will vary a lot. Not much Dry Fly action ith the high flow, bigger dries with dropper can be very productive in the back eddies. Pats Rubber Legs is the Nymph of choice during runoff followed by Blue Poison Tung, Sow Bug, Copper Ribbed RS2, or Gray RS2.

This report was written by Kirks Flyshop:
(970) 577-0790

Jun 07 Rocky Mountain Anglers
Rating: 4/5

Flows at the Big T are now at runoff levels so the dry dropper fishing has now transitioned back to heavy nymph and streamer rigs. To have success this time of year its important to fish the larger flashier fly in the slowest water you can find where the fish will be seeking relief from the higher flows. A nymph rig with a girdle bug on point to a squirmy worm or caddis larva would be a good bet. Some streamers to try would be the goldie, white or natural mini dungeon, sculpzilla, sparkle minnow, drunk or disorderly. If you can get to the tailwater early before the crowds try throwing a small articulated streamer just below the dam with a bunch of weight or a size 14 heavy hook rainbow warrior for a chance at some of the largest fish that call this river home.

Para Extended Body BWO #18-20
Sprout BWO #18-20
Parachute Adams #20-26
Griffiths Gnat #20-24
Sprout Midge #20-24(all colors)
Emerging Midge #18-24
Challenged #18-22
GT Adams #20-22
CDC Midge #20-22
Mosquito #18-22
Para Extended Body PMD #14-18
Sparkle Dun PMD #18-16
Parachute Adams #14-22
Better Foam Caddis (Tan
Olive) #18-14
X-Caddis #14-18
Missing Link Caddis #14-18
Chubby Chernobyl #10-16
Hippie Stomper #12-16
Split Foam BWO #18-20
Pandemic BWO #18-20
Iron Lotus #18
JujuBaetis #18-22
Chartreuse Glow Bug #18
Girdle Bug #14
San Juan Worm
Squirmy Worm
Tung 20 Incher #16-20
Little Black Sloan #16-18
Poison Tung #16-20
Rainbow Warrior #16-20
Zebra Midges in all colors
Johnny Flash #18-20
Soft Hackle Sow Bugs #18-20
Ray Charles #18-20
Two Bit Hooker #18-20
Juju PMD #18-22
RS2 #18-22
Top Secret Midge #20-22
Cardinal Midge #20-24
HDA Variant #14-16
Jigged Prince #14-16
Jigged P-Tail #12-16

This report was written by Rocky Mountain Anglers:

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