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Aug 05 St. Peter's Fly Shop

As August rolls around and fall approaches on the horizon, summer fishing is at its peak. Runoff has passed and has allowed life to flourish within Colorado. With fuller reservoirs this year we are still seeing a fair amount of water being pushed through the canyon. An increase in flows washes in all sorts of aquatic insects, which is great news for the fish and fishermen. We have been finding that the larger bugs are still on the menu for these hungry fish. Classic patterns such as Prince nymphs and Pheasant Tails in sizes 16-18 has always and will always work. Beetles and smaller stimulators are great way to catch the fish's attention in all types of water. At later times in the day you can often catch thick caddis hatches but in the mean time fishing hydropsyche caddis for the pupae and kryptonite caddis for case caddis are great options. Rocky Mountain Mints in a 14-16 are a unique take on classic patterns used to move a lot of fish but bigger PMD's and BWO's have also been our main hatches in the early mornings and on those cooler cloudier days. Remember: it's key to have nymphs, emergers, and adults when fishing a hatch. Imitating the correct stage of an insect's life cycle can be the difference between frustration and elation!

Don't be afraid to try some larger, flashier streamers in the higher water and deeper runs. Be ready with a couple of Thin Mints or Mini Peanut Envys for the fish looking for some meat. Both dead drifting and swinging these is a fast and effective way to cover the water. Trying something new on the water can often be a fun strategy to save the day when those fish are being stubborn!

Give the shop a ring if you have any questions!

Recommended Flies

Dries :: Adams #18-22, Silhouette Dun PMD #16-20, Amy's Ant #14-18, Mole Fly PMD #16, PMX #12-16, Headlight Caddis #14-18

Nymphs:: Black/Green Poison Tung #18-20, Rainbow Warrior's #18-20, Olive and Red Two Bit Hooker 's#16-18, Foam Wing RS2 #18-22, Sparkle Wing RS2 #18-22, Two-bit Sally #14-18, WD-40's #18-22, Gabriel's Trumpet #14-16, Guides Choice Hare's Ear #14-18, BH Prince Nymphs #12-18

Streamers:: Thin Mint #8-12, North Platte Spiders, Mini Dungeons, Sparkle Minnow #8, Hot Head Leech #10, Black & Red Zonker #10

To Book your Guided Trip please contact the shop at (970)498-8968. Come Fly Fish Rocky Mountain National Park!

This report was written by St. Peter's Fly Shop:

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